I enjoyed taking a walk in the falling snow this morning, first white stuff of the season by my count. It’s easy to forget in the wonderment at the marvelous little flakes that they are composed entirely of water, destined to return to liquid, to streams, to rivers, to the sea. Water captures our attention dramatically in its varied forms, in between long periods of being taken rather for granted…

snowy river

Rivanna River, February 2015

Here in Virginia, snow seems predisposed to  melt on contact with the ground, much to the dismay of us hopeful souls with cross country skis stored in the basement! It makes the “real” snows all the more memorable. Here’s looking back at last winter’s beauty and hoping for a little like this before spring.

snow, river, dogs

Rivanna River Co. resident hounds, Tessa and Fern, take a break from snow wrestling to admire an icy Rivanna, February 2015