Please See Trip Schedule, Details & Prices page for all info on our Paddling and Tubing Trips that include the Shuttle Service. 

Daily Rental Rates, Equipment Only 

Includes boat, life jacket and paddle rental for 6 hrs. Customer loads, transports, and returns equipment. Please see the Trip Schedule, Details, and Prices page for full service trips with shuttles included.

Canoe: $38

Solo Kayak: $29

Tandem Kayak: $38

Stand-Up Paddleboard: $38

Tube: $15

Canoes- Old Town Discovery canoes are perfect boats for taking to rivers and flatwater with the family, the picnic lunch, and the dog. These tandem canoes are paddled by two, and a small child can ride in the center of the boat as well.

Kayaks– You will enjoy paddling our sit-on-top models from Jackson Kayak. Comfortable, stable, and easy to get in and out, these boats are perfect for beginners. We carry both single and tandem models.

Stand-Up Paddleboards- Stand-Up Paddleboarding is a relatively new sport that combines the fun of paddling with the balance of surfing. Our SUPs are made by Jackson Kayak. They are wide, stable craft that are rugged enough to take on the river and very comfortable for beginners.

Tubes– Our river tubes are large vinyl tubes that are specially designed for your comfortable float trip. Sit back in one of these tubes and feel instantly relaxed!

Vehicles– Our small fleet of vehicles and trailers will get you and your boat to the river and back in safety and style.

Give us a call with any questions about our equipment and how it can help bring your next adventure to life!    (434) 218-2052