Let us provide a unique experience for your team! Getting out on the water as a group inspires a special kind of camaraderie while relaxing the mind and engaging the body. Paddling trips provide the perfect mix of fun, challenge, and reflection that brings people closer together, creating shared memories and laughs along the way. Our trips range from short outings suitable for total beginners to longer, more challenging trips that suit a adventurous and athletic group.  Our equipment is beginner-friendly and our guides have many years of experience introducing paddling to people from all walks of life. Leading up to the program, we keep things simple for you; we listen to your needs, communicate promptly, plan all the logistics around your schedule, source the food and drinks for lunch and snacks, and provide all necessary equipment. We will walk you through it, even if this type of trip may be a step outside your team’s comfort zone. 

To get started, click below to tell us a little about your group and your desires for an on-the-water program. You can also always contact Gabe Silver, Co-Owner and Group Programs Manager, to ask questions or schedule a program. Email Gabe at [email protected] or give us a call at 434-218-2052. We look forward to hearing from you!

“This was a wonderful experience for my team to detach from their cell phones and computers.  It was great for both the experienced paddlers as well as the first-timers.  Our international Team Members were able to enjoy all the natural beauty and splendor that Charlottesville has to offer.  The professionalism of our guides provided everyone with a sense of confidence and security allowing us to have a great time.”

-Darin Goodwiler,  CFA Institute

“For the past two years, floating with Rivanna River Company has been a highly-anticipated part of Team Madison House’s annual retreat. It’s been appropriately challenging for some, wonderfully relaxing for most, and enjoyable for everyone. The RRC crew make it easy to slip some scenic outdoor adventure into our team-building mix–all without having to leave town. See you on the river!”  

-Tim F., Madison House Executive Director

Everything you need to know about our company outings:

Please Note: The special pricing in this program  is for Weekday Group Outings Only. Swimming ability is required for all river trips (not required for flatwater trips)

Guided  River Kayaking Trips

  • Option 1:  Rivanna Sampler Trip…2.5-hour program
    • Pricing: $475 Minimum covers up to 12 participants, $35/person per additional participant; includes bottled water and light snacks
    • Location: Darden Towe Park to Riverview Park (Trip meets at RRC headquarters)
    • Description: This trip is a great introduction to kayaking and the Rivanna River. After learning to launch in our beginner-friendly Sit-On-Top Kayaks, participants  have a nice slow pool to get familiar with their equipment. Next comes a stop at a beach to picnic, wade around and swim. After the break, a Class I rapid offers the first taste of whitewater paddling. Beginning paddlers will enjoy this stretch as an introduction to the interest and challenge of river trips.
  • Option 2: Rivanna Adventure Paddle...6-hour program
    • Pricing: $800  Minimum covers up to 12 participants, $50/person per additional participant. Includes bottled after and light snacks. Add $12/person for lunch and drinks to be provided.
    • Location:  We offer several different river section  options and depending on river conditions, the experience level of the group, and the overall amount of time available for transportation. (Trip meets at RRC Headquarters)
    • Description: Your group will enjoy a day spent enjoying the natural beauty of a scenic river and excitement of paddling Class I and II rapids. These trips are suitable not only for people with some paddling experience but also for novices who consider themselves adventurous and are up for a challenge. We find beautiful places to stop for lunch. These are fun, memorable and restorative days.
  • Option 3: Best Weekday Afternoon, Ever…3-hour program
    • Pricing:
      • Self-Guided: $650 Minimum covers up to 12 participants, $50/person per additional participant; includes post-trip hang out, with adult beverages, described below.
      • Guided: $750 Minimum covers up to 12 participants, $50/person per additional participant; includes post-trip hang out, with adult beverages, described below.
    • Location: Darden Towe Park to Riverview Park (Trip meets at RRC headquarters)
    • Description: Modeled after our ever-popular “Paddle to Pints” trips, these experiences make great low-key company outings. Usually beginning between 2 and 5 pm, the program starts out with a 2-mile kayaking trip (see Rivanna Sampler above)  that can be guided or self-guided (see pricing note above). At the end of the trip, we shuttle your crew back to our shop where a fire pit, comfortable chairs, and picnic tables await. We supply a cooler of local beer and light snacks for a relaxation session. A cornhole set, frisbees, footballs, and a volleyball court (upon request) are available for serious fun. Your crew has the run of our 2-acre riverside property up until 8 PM. Enjoy the evening air, hang out down at our river launch, go for a swim, relax in a hammock, or establish dominance on the volleyball court….it is choose your own adventure all the way.  An RRC staff member will be on site throughout to help with anything that comes up. If you want to include dinner, we can help you out with a pizza order from Fabio’s which is right across the street or take-out from any local restaurant.

Please Note: The special pricing in this program  is for Weekday Group Outings Only. Swimming ability is required for all river trips but is not required for flatwater trips. Life jackets are provided and required. 

Guided Flatwater Paddling Trips

  • Option 1: Intro to Kayaking or Canoeing….2.5-hour program
    • Pricing: $475 Minimum covers up to 12 participants, $35/person per additional participant
    • Locations:  South Fork Rivanna Reservoir, Beaver Creek Reservoir, Ragged Mountain Reservoir or Walnut Creek Reservoir
    • Description: Our most beginner-friendly, gentle option.  Your guide will teach basic paddling techniques before leading a tour around the one of our scenic local reservoirs.  These peaceful experiences are conducive to great conversations and quiet reflection, and offer just the right amount of adventure for some groups.  You can choose between kayaks and canoes or a mix of both. We have solo and tandem kayaks available.
  • Option 2: Intro to Stand-up Paddleboarding…2.5-hour program
    • Pricing: $500 Minimum covers up to 12 participants, $40/person per additional participant
    • Locations:  South Fork Rivanna Reservoir, Beaver Creek Reservoir, Ragged Mountain Reservoir or Walnut Creek Reservoir
    • Description: Stand-up Paddleboarding is lots of fun, and easier than you might think. Our beginner-friendly equipment and great instructors will have everyone standing up and cruising around in no time. This program is a very popular option for company outings, with a good bit of fun and humor mixed in as everyone tries out a new challenge together.

 Rivanna River Tubing…2-3-hour trip

    • Pricing: $21/person  Please Note: The special pricing is for Weekday Group Outings of 10 or more people. 
    • Location: RRC Shop to Riverview Park
    • Description: This is the most casual and relaxing activity we offer. It is also the most affordable. Our vinyl river tubes are designed for your comfort and relaxation on the river. Kick back and enjoy a few hours floating down the river. Tubing provides great opportunities for conversation amongst groups large and small, and is one of the most popular activities we offer to the public.

A few caveats specific to tubing: Varying river and wind conditions will affect the total time of the tip, which can last from 2 to 3.5 hours. Tubing trips work best for flexible schedules and groups without too many Type A personalities….you will be ‘going with the flow’. Life Jackets provided but not required for adults. Before planning a tubing trip for your staff, you may want to consider if everyone would be comfortable wearing swimwear in front of their coworkers; we are aware of some companies that eschew tubing as a group activity for this reason.

  • “Paddle to Pints!” Looking for an easy and fun 2 hour activity for your team to do in the 3pm-7pm timeframe on a weekday? We’ve got a great option for  you. We pick your team up, take them on a quick river trip right here in Cville, and then deliver everyone to a local brewery for post-trip pints and food truck grub. Everyone goes home happy. Contact us for details.
  • Turn your trip into a Community Service event by requesting a river clean-up option. We supply gloves and trash bags and your team helps the environment and improves the scenery. Some leaders find this mission-driven trip type to be the perfect fit for their active and motivated teams. Generally the clean-up option extends trip times, sometimes significantly depending on how thorough the crew gets! Contact us for more information on the specific details and options.
  • Self-Guided trips are available for groups with some paddling experience. RRC offers special options and pricing to provide everything (custom trip timing and schedule, pick-up at your location, food and drinks and cooler supplied, etc.), except the guide. All our trips include a Pre-Trip Briefing and Safety Talk before launching. Please contact us to find out more.
  • All Necessary Equipment:
    • Boats (This is typically a beginner-friendly, solo, sit-on-top Jackson Riviera kayak.)
    • Paddles (Comfortable, light-weight design)
    • Life Jackets (Our life jackets are designed for paddling, and stay comfortable all day.)
    • Dry Bags and Coolers
  • Logistics and Transportation
    •  14 passenger bus and driver takes you to the put-in and is waiting for you at the take-out.
  • Food and Drinks (by request)
    • We like supporting BreadWorks when ordering lunches, though we source food from any local caterer you request. We communicate with each group in advance to understand any specific dietary needs.
    • We can supply snacks and drinks of any kind by request. (We do encourage everyone to bring their reusable water bottles if they have them)
    • We can provide cooler space and ice for any food and drinks brought by the group.
  • Instruction and Guiding
    • Our guides are great with beginners, teaching paddling basics and providing individualized instruction
    • For groups of 10 or more, there will be 2 guides. One will paddle in the front, showing the group “the line” down the river. The other will paddle “sweep” in the back of the group, coaching any stragglers and making sure everyone gets through okay.
    • We take people from all backgrounds down the river, ages 6-80. We are confident taking almost anyone down the river. We can have a guide paddle a tandem kayak or canoe with anyone who doesn’t feel confident in a solo kayak.
  • 9:00 AM: A Rivanna River Company shuttle bus picks up your group, OR group arrives to our location at 1538 E. High Street in Charlottesville
  • 9:05 AM: A RRC Lead Guide begins trip orientation and answers questions on the bus
  • 9:20 AM: Arrive at Launch Point, everyone fitted with life jackets, paddles, and dry bags for cameras, phones, etc.
  • 9:30 AM: Program begins with a circle up, introductions, and setting of intentions for the day.
  • 9:45: Guides give safety talk kayaking instructional lesson (duration and depth of lesson can be customized to your group’s needs)
  • 10:00 AM: Launch! Everyone gets on the water. Stress melts away and fun begins! On-the-water time will vary between relaxing and simply floating to invigorating paddling through riffles and small rapids (river trips only)
  • 10:45 AM: Snack and Water Break…then head back downriver.
  • 11:30 AM: Stop at beautiful spot. Pre-lunch Team Building or Health and Reflection Activity
  • 12:15 PM- Delicious lunch begins. RRC supplies all food and drinks.
  • 1:00 PM- Back on the water!
  • 2:30 PM- Arrive at take out. Program ends with circle up, appreciations, and reflections.
  • 2:45 PM- Bus ride back to RRC shop or company office
  • 3:00 PM- Typical end time for whole trip experience.
  • CFA Institute
  • Martin Horn
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Pure Barre
  • S&P Global
  • Segars Engineering
  • UVA College of Arts and Sciences
  • Madison House at University of Virginia
  • Apex Clean Energy
  • Locus Health
  • Blue Ridge Bucha
  • Mission Barbecue
  • Segars Engineering
  • The Ivy Group
  • Commonwealth Restaurant and Skybar
  • University of Virginia Office for Sustainability
  • Women’s Center at UVA
  • City of Charlottesville
  • Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission
  • Common House
  • Wintergreen Members Outing
  • NGIC
  • Mission BBQ
  • Williams Company
  • UVA Science & Engineering Laboratories
  • Free Union Country Day School Faculty
  • Gradient Corp
  • Potter’s Craft Cider
  • Albemarle County Leadership Team
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Journey Group